Amazon Business and Cdiscount Pro are two major BtoB marketplaces. Both encompass major sales stakeholders, active in all sectors. Yet there are differences between these two platforms.

Though both marketplaces share many common attributes regarding how they function (opening of the vendor account, commissions paid for each order, price display with or without VAT and the possibility of selling both to BtoB and BtoC customers), there are nonetheless several major differences. They are as follows:

  • Amazon Business offers automatic invoicing with VAT, which means BtoB vendors no longer need to manually create their invoices.
  • Amazon Business makes international transactions easier, thanks to its Europe-wide automatic sales option that works in England, Germany, Italy and Spain with no additional fees.
  • Amazon Business grants access to its “Dispatched by Amazon” service: the platform takes care of storing products in a distribution centre, and dispatching them all over the world. This makes for an interesting opportunity for BtoB vendors wishing to launch their activity abroad but do not have the required logistics.
  • Cdiscount Pro asks for a monthly subscription fee (more or less expensive according to whether you wish to only sell products on the BtoB marketplace or on both at the same time). Commissions for all sales made are added to that fee.
  • The two platforms are also different regarding the number of references offered. Given its international scope, Amazon Business boasts over 250 million of them, as opposed to 1.5 million for Cdiscount Pro.

You now have all the information you need to choose the BtoB marketplace best suited to your needs. Lengow  helps you sell both on Amazon Business and Cdiscount Pro.

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