CPC (cost-per-click) management during a paying SEO campaign determines both the allocated budget and expected return on investment. To make things simpler, you can resort to an automatic CPC solution – for instance during a Shopping campaign. What does this entail exactly?


CPC automation refers to an SEA campaign optimisation method based on cost-per-click (via a bidding system). Combining technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning means advertisers can entrust campaign management to a paying platform, in addition to the custom labels defined in their product flows.


It is up to you to set the limits, for instance by defining a budget to be complied with for the entire campaign, or by setting a goal such as a maximum cost for each conversion. The machine does the rest, and automatically adjusts the bid. The goal here is generally to maximise the number of clicks. 


This alternative to manual management namely exists for Google Shopping and Google AdWords, as well as for Amazon and Microsoft Bing Ads.


Benefits of CPC automation

CPC automation means that:

  • the biggest possible profit and profitability can be aimed for during CPC campaigns;
  • time is saved in terms of bid management;
  • several CPC campaigns can be managed simultaneously;
  • you can focus on your overall sales strategy and internal processes;
  • you can keep control over your budget;
  • data can be gathered to optimise future campaigns.


Limits of CPC automation

Caution: CPC campaign automation implies you have sufficient data on hand to guarantee the platform can manage bids properly. This requires launching an initial campaign manually. Hence the point of enriching your product data using a tool such as Lengow.


Furthermore, by letting the platform manage your bids, you will be relinquishing most of the control you have over your campaigns: the machine will do everything to help you reach your goals, without taking context and needs into consideration. This is why any mistakes can quickly make matters worse if not detected soon enough. You always need to keep an eye on what is happening.

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