Would you love to see your product catalogue on marketplaces and reach out to as many consumers as possible, but wonder whether your Shopify Plus-made e-commerce site is suitable? No need to worry – the e-commerce creation platform thought of everything so you could sell your products on marketplaces.

Yes, you can quite easily sell products on marketplaces via the e-commerce site created on Shopify or Shopify Plus. To do so, simply access the App Store (Shopify App Store), select the marketplace you are interested in (so long as it has already been integrated to Shopify) and install the application directly onto your platform – as you would with a plug-in under WordPress.

Let’s say you wish to establish your activity on Amazon. By installing the Amazon application (“Amazon Channel”) to your online shop, you can easily configure and export your product catalogues from Shopify Plus to the marketplace. Yet to do so, you will need to download the Lengrow application via the platform’s App Store.

By associating Shopify Plus and Lengrow, you can:

  • Create product catalogues to be sold on the marketplace by selecting the category(ies) of your choice, and thus reach out to the many online visitors that buy from the website;
  • Configure your product flows so they automatically adapt to Amazon’s pre-requisites, to ensure simplified export;
  • Link a product flow already available on Amazon to your Shopify Plus store via Lengrow;
  • Manage your orders originating from Amazon and control stock levels;
  • Using Lengrow, synchronise your product flows without having to manually change the information.

Shopify Plus and Lengrow can also be used to centralise inventory management, including if your product catalogue is available on several marketplaces. This way you can keep an eye on stock levels without having to go through each account individually.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that selling on marketplaces via Shopify Plus in no way exempts you from complying with each platform’s individual rules. For instance, Amazon requires you to open a professional account (extra charge) and pay a commission for each order placed. Moreover, to date, Amazon only works with Shopify if transactions are made in US or Canadian dollars.

Simply put, before deciding to go through Shopify Plus to sell on marketplaces, make sure you are eligible based on the required conditions!

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