Are you managing an online store in Shopify Plus and wondering how to export your catalogue to other e-commerce sales channels without pulling your hair out? The Lengrow plug-in makes it quite simple. Below are the steps to be followed.

For fully relevant use of Shopify Plus, you wish to quickly export your product catalogues from your online store to your various sales channels (marketplaces for instance).

Below are the steps to be followed:

  1. Log in to your online Shopify Plus shop interface;
  2. Access the platform’s App Store and download the Lengrow plug-in, so all Lengrow data can be connected to your e-shop’s back-office;
  3. Select the existing products from your Shopify Plus store you wish to export to create your catalogue;
  4. Configure your product flow using the Lengrow plug-in to make sure your product references correspond to the features required by the destination sites (names, descriptions, pictures, categories, prices, etc.);
  5. Export your product flow from Shopify Plus to the various channels, where your new customers await.

What advantage is there to going through a product flow management solution such as Lengrow via your Shopify Plus back-office? You can centrally manage any orders originating from marketplaces and stock levels from the administrator’s interface. Product stock levels are automatically updated in your online shop, in line with what you have sold within the various channels. You are also able to optimise product catalogue data via the Lengrow application, to boost sales in your different channels without affecting the sheets already registered in your Shopify Plus shop.

You now know how to export product flows from Shopify Plus…and how to efficiently manage your catalogues!

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