On average, a multi-channel strategy helps boost revenue by 38%, 120% and 190% respectively for each channel added (1). This of course means that a strategy of the sort is essential for e-commerce stakeholders, and that improving it on a regular basis will only make it more beneficial. Below are the three pillars for a successful multi-channel strategy via Shopify Plus.

  1. Focus your efforts on your customers’ favourite channels

To implement a multi-channel strategy, simply offer your products on more than one sales channel. Technically, if you add Google Shopping or Facebook to your website created thanks to Shopify Plus, you already have a multi-channel approach. Yet that is not enough to boost sales. To optimise this strategy, you must choose the channels truly used by customers: if they are used to buying from general marketplaces and group purchasing platforms (such as Groupon), these are the channels you should focus on.

  1. Learn to better target your customers on each channel

Selling through several channels implies targeting potentially very different buyers. Customer profiles can vary greatly between general marketplaces, price comparison sites, social networks and specialised marketplaces. With a view to optimising your multi-channel strategy, make sure you elaborate adapted product catalogues for each channel – to improve your return on investment. You can easily do that via your e-shop on Shopify Plus.

  1. Start using a flow manager to boost your multi-channel strategy

Product, order and stock flow management is the key to a successful multi-channel strategy. To sell through several channels simultaneously via your Shopify Plus shop, you must first make sure your product references are properly updated, that customers can find what they are looking for and that each order can be met in terms of delivery deadline. A product flow manager (such as Lengrow, accessible via the Shopify App Store) will enable you to export your product catalogues towards the various channels used as part of your strategy, whilst complying with the requirements imposed by each platform. Lengrow also helps you manage any orders placed via these channels, as well as your centralised stock. This solution guarantees optimal real-time channel management, enables you to sell more and better, and ensures excellent feedback.

Base yourself on these three pillars – adapted channels, precise targeting and Lengrow flow manager – for your multi-channel strategy via Shopify Plus to be a real success!.

4 600 brands and retailers worldwide are
already using Lengow