Shopify Plus is the perfect tool for selling on marketplaces. The famous e-commerce platform offers lots of functionalities specially designed to make vendors’ jobs easier regarding their marketplace presence. Yet an external tool is essential in addition to these functionalities: a flow manager such as Lengow. Here are a few explanations.

Do you wish to start selling on marketplaces? The functionalities offered by Shopify Plus are made to support you in this approach – so long as you also choose the right tools.

Shopify Plus functionalities will enable you to manage a major part of your professional account directly on the marketplaces. You can add a trademark, create a product that does not yet exist, and associate your products to those already on sale. In addition to this, Shopify Plus includes solutions specially designed for major groups – that fit in perfectly with large sales volumes on marketplaces: handling 10,000 payments per minute, integrating your existing advertising campaigns thanks to APIs, etc.

However, certain marketplace specificities should also be considered. Left as they are, your Shopify Plus product catalogues are not suited to marketplace requirements. You therefore need some help from an external source, such as the Lengrow flow manager – the application for which is accessible via the Shopify App Store. Thanks to this tool, you can easily configure and export your product catalogue from your shop on Shopify Plus to the marketplace, then synchronise your orders and stock levels so everything can be managed through your Lengrow interface.

Opting for Shopify Plus enables you to launch your activity on marketplaces. Yet for your sales strategy to be a real success, a flow management solution to the likes of Lengrow must be added to the platform’s native functionalities!

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