The key to sales lies in reaching potential buyers. This challenge is even more complex on the internet, a tremendous tool and a major growth lever for sellers, but one whose vastness makes the question of visibility particularly complex. How can one reach the desired few among the millions of consumers who go online to make purchases? Data feed management is one answer to this question.

Data feed management: a multi-channel solution

For optimal control of their online presence, e-merchants have a strong incentive to use a data feed management solution. This allows sellers to communicate product information and update sales data across multiple channels, taking advantage of the wide range of different online shopping networks available:

  • marketplaces;
  • price comparison engines;
  • affiliate platforms;
  • retargeting;
  • Ad Exchange;
  • sponsored keywords…

Data feed management: 360° view

Data feed management tools are software as a service (SaaS) that can be accessed from any connected device. They provide the following features:

  • a measure of the potential of different distribution channels according to your industry (traffic audit);
  • access to thousands of sales networks (shopping search engines) in several countries;
  • production of customised product catalogues adapted to your strategies for each platform and to the standards of each distribution channel;
  • centralisation of data on products, orders, sales, etc. from different channels, for an overall view of your activity;
  • performance evaluation by product (clicks, costs, sales, margins, ROI, etc.).

The use of a data feed management tool allows you to:

  • publish your product listings online;
  • better control your product listings;
  • visualise their profitability;
  • and ultimately improve your return on investment.

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