All you need to know about Decathlon

  • Decathlon is the world leader in the sports market and aims to become the leading online platform in this very same market.
  • With around 1,500 shops in 55 countries, Decathlon gives you the benefit of its online and offline reputation, thus ensuring optimal visibility. The Belgian Decathlon marketplace alone registers more than 13 million unique views each month.
  • Increase your international footprint and publish your products on the Decathlon marketplace in 9 European countries: the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal.


Reference your products in an optimal way thanks to category matching

Create a structured and organised product feed by matching attributes and categories in Lengow to enrich your catalogue and improve your ranking on the Decathlon search engine.


Increase your business performance thanks to rules and exclusions

With Lengow, create automatic rules to simplify your catalogue management and boost competitiveness: easily segment your products according to their performance, automatically disable your out-of-stock products, and plan your promotions smoothly.


Quickly optimise your product pages

Modify your product sheets (titles, descriptions, images, prices, etc.) directly on the Lengow interface to create detailed pages that perform and meet the expectations of the marketplace.

Easily track your orders and stock

Process your Decathlon orders and update your inventory directly from the Lengow platform.

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Through this guide, discover Decathlon and the specificities of the sports marketplace. You will learn more about its business model, the services offered, and the entry requirements to the platform. Lengow also gives you a few tips on how to integrate successfully onto the marketplace!

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