Here are the 4 essential steps required for the dissemination of your product catalogue on Google Shopping:

1. Creating a Google Merchant Center account

Start by opening an account on Google Merchant Center. Provide the interface with as much information on your website as possible.

2. Preparation of products flow

Validation and proper product catalogue mix depend on how you prepare your products flow. To do so, you must meet GMC’s specifications, particularly with regards to the mandatory attributes alongside each product (id, title, description, part number, link, delivery conditions, etc.). Then there are optional attributes according to the type of products. The flow must be designed in a compatible format file (XML, CSV, TXT).

3. Importing products flow

Importing products flow align=”center” in GMC is done via the interface: select “New data flow”, enter a name for your flow and make sure the target country is correct.

4. Segmentation of ads

The last step is to segment your ads in order to fit selected categories and groups available on Google Shopping. This tedious operation is only to be done once, and updates are done automatically.

There you are, your product catalogue is ready for viewing on Google Shopping! To avoid errors and to make your life so much easier, you can also entrust these essential steps to a flow manager, who will adapt your product catalogue to Google’s requirements.

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