Google SearchAds 360 is a service born from the Google Marketing platform (formerly DoubleClick), used by advertisers to manage vast ad campaigns throughout several search engines at the same time (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.), and promote their products on lots of different channels. All this using a single, intuitive interface. Below are two fundamental points to be applied to maximise potential.


Make the most of advanced bidding strategies

The bidding strategies sported by Google SearchAds 360 stand out through their advanced functionalities and the use of highly-advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The platform bases itself on machine learning to make bidding automatic, so as to maximise ad performance according to the products offers, the goals to be met and your advertising budget. Google SearchAds 360 can manage bids with over 10,000 keywords, several times a day. The main bonus with this tool is its ability to roll out cutting-edge bidding strategies, organised according to specific keyword groups (dedicated to positioning, conversion, etc.) – thus offering a potentially infinite number of combinations.


Using a flow manager to drive inventory

As Google SearchAds 360 is used to manage ads for very large product volumes on multiple channels, the secret to its success lies in mastering “inventory campaigns” – which is a service used to update your ads as stock levels evolve. To do so, you will need to provide Google beforehand with a product inventory through a flow that complies with the platform’s specific features. With this goal in mind, we recommend using a flow manager such as Lengow to send any product flows adapted to the platform’s requirements and boost your flexibility and efficiency: the inventory campaign tool will therefore directly draw from your flows to update the data used to automatically generate dynamic ads.

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