A SearchAds 360 campaign enables you to generate dynamic ads in several search engines simultaneously, to maximise clicks and conversions. Yet it is by combining SA360 and Lengow that you can get the very best from your dynamic ads – by saving precious time and improving your ROI. Here’s how.


Dynamic ads are generated by SearchAds 360 based on the information contained in your product inventories, namely their price and stock levels. Using this functionality therefore implies having already sent your product flows to the platform, and making sure the latter complies with the specificities of each advertising network for the various search engines your ads are going to appear in.


Using a flow manager to convey well-adapted product flows

At this stage, there are two ways to proceed: manually create and modify product flows whilst making sure they are all complementary, which can take you several whole days if you have a large product catalogue. Otherwise, you could opt for a flow manager such as Lengow to convey flows which are automatically adapted to the targeted channels’ criteria, and thus enable SearchAds 360 to generate dynamic ads that are relevant with regard to your keywords, products and stock levels.


What are the benefits? More flexibility, speed and efficiency. Implementing product flows with Lengow will mean you can create more high-performance ads in much less time, better control your budget and improve your campaigns’ ROI. Your ads are constantly updated based on product inventory, your budget and your business goals. Furthermore, thanks to the data drawn from Analytics 360, you can set up a forecast system which will anticipate how demand will evolve, and promote certain products rather than others whenever relevant.


Used in addition to SearchAds 360, Lengow can help you save precious time when it comes to dynamic ad campaigns. We all know that time is also money in the world of digital advertising!

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