With over 1.65 billion active users each month, Facebook remains the largest social network in the world. It’s a wonderful opportunity for trade professionals to reach a large number of potential buyers. And Facebook is well aware of it as it claims having 3 million advertisers totalling $ 5 billion in advertising revenue.

All of these astounding results thanks to an incredible marketing platform: by collecting data from its members, Facebook is able to offer advertisers new targeted advertising, thus maximizing their return on investment.

Dynamics Ads, innovative sales imagined by Facebook

For commercial websites, selling on Facebook means publishing advertisements (“Dynamics Ads”) to showcase their products dynamically, directly from a product catalogue, benefiting from tools that target already interested members (retargeting). To sell on Facebook one must:

  • Open a Business Manager account and create an active advertising account;
  • Prepare and send one’s product catalogue through its flow in Business Manager and define groups of products;
  • Create advertising announcements and structure campaigns according to given objectives;
  • Choose the method of payment to Facebook, always through bids: at cost-per-click (CPC, each click for advertising is charged) or at cost per thousand impressions (CPM, when an advertisement appears on members’ newsfeed: ideal for brand awareness);
  • Playing with retargeting: for this, one must set up a “Facebook pixel”, a piece of HTML code that links Facebook users and visitors to the e-retailer’s website or its mobile application. This pixel allows to visualize what the visitors do on the website, to measure the conversions into multi-channel, and to create audiences for retargeting on the basis of the visits and the actions performed. This brings better value to most read pages and encourages visitors to return, all for a better return on investment.

It is also possible to add “call-to-action” buttons on one’s publications, enticing visitors to perform actions, such as “register”, “book now” or “buy”. Before seeing the “buy” button that will allow Facebook members to purchase a product directly from their news feed by giving their bank details to the social network.


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