Today’s consumer is shape-shifting. Throughout their purchasing journey, they can easily move from online to offline and vice-versa, switching between stores, physical shops, marketplaces and mobile devices. They can make a purchase at any time, anywhere. A relevant multichannel sales strategy enables you to be there every step of the way, suggesting your own sales offers.


It is increasingly common for a consumer to start their purchasing journey online and finish it in-store. In certain fields such as high-tech, household appliances or clothing, this behaviour is quite standard: consumers get their information online, compare prices, read customer feedback and then make their final choice by stepping into a shop.


The opposite scenario is just as true: many visitors make their purchase after having tested or touched a product in-store. Although some of them hope to benefit from more attractive prices, the idea of comfort is most important here: being able to order at any time of the day or night, finding a colour or variant that is unavailable in stores, being delivered straight to their homes, etc.


By combining your online and offline channels, thus offering your customers a purchasing journey free of boundaries between the real and virtual world, you can establish a multichannel sales strategy that enables you to sell more, everywhere!.

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