Before submitting your product feed to Google Shopping, you must have created it in accordance with the features required by the platform, and saved it in one of the accepted formats (text, XML, compressed files). You must then register your product feed through the Google Merchant Center, under the “Feeds” tab, by clicking “Register a new feed.”

Google Shopping: product information not to forget

When you register your product feed, Google requires you to specify certain details:

  • Choice of modes (Standard or Test). By selecting “Standard,” you are authorising Google to display the products from your feed on its Shopping platform. The “Test” mode, as the name indicates, allows you to check that your file is working properly.
  • Type of feed: choose “Products.”
  • Target country: your product descriptions should be in the appropriate language and your prices in the right currency according to the selected country.
  • The language used in your catalogue.
  • The feed name (so you can identify the feed you are looking for if you have multiple feeds).

How to upload a product feed to Google Shopping?

You have three options for uploading your product feed to Google Shopping:

  • Direct Upload (files under 20 MB);
  • FTP Upload (files under 4 GB)
  • SFTP Upload (files under 4 GB).

Errors may occur during the upload: check that you have uploaded the file in the correct format and that you have filled out all the required attributes.

You can choose to schedule automatic updates so that Google Shopping will take into account any changes made (to prices, availability, shipping methods, products, etc.). Google requires you to upload a new feed at least once a month, but you have the option of updating the feed daily.

You can also submit multiple product feeds, to target different countries by adapting the language and currency, for example.

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