About Kaufland.de

  • Kaufland.de is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces in Germany
  • With around 32 million monthly online visitors and 1,300 stores in 8 countries, Kaufland.de offers high brand awareness online and offline, ensuring optimal reach
  • The marketplace has a wide range of categories: Home & Living, Fashion & Lifestyle, Technology & Media, Sports & Leisure, Garden & DIY, etc.
  • Use Lengow for a smooth connection to Kaufland.de and benefit from free multi-channel marketing (SEO, SEA, social media, customer brochures, etc.) and all payment methods relevant for the German market
  • Benefit from personal retailer support, fair & transparent conditions and no contract periods on Kaufland.de


Make a success of your onboarding

After Kaufland.de has reviewed your merchant profile, the onboarding process will begin. The Lengow and Kaufland.de support teams work hand-in-hand to help you onboard smoothly onto the marketplace.

Optimize your product sheets

Work with precision on your titles, descriptions, images, prices, and reviews to create detailed product pages that meet and exceed market expectations. Lengow knows the ins and outs of Kaufland.de and will provide advice and support to ensure you include the right information.

Track your orders and stocks

Process your Kaufland.de orders and update your stocks directly from our platform.

Use quality product data

Enrich your product catalog directly on Lengow with the various attributes requested by Kaufland.de thanks to the mapping of fields and categories.

Quickly correct product errors

Kaufland.de may display error codes upon reception of your feed. Correct them directly within the Lengow platform to send your products back to Kaufland.de as soon as possible.

Better performance through rules/exclusions

Automatic rules make all the difference on marketplaces. For example, avoid stock shortages (and disappointed customers on Kaufland.de) by creating a rule for products with low stock to make sure that they are not listed.

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