Marketplaces are a key step for resellers whose ambition it is to see business cross the French border. Indeed, with an overall income amounting to 324 billion euros (predictions raise this figure to 430 billion by 2022), the European marketplace market offers countless opportunities. Which marketplaces should not be overlooked?

  • Amazon. No doubt about it: Amazon is definitely American. However, its foothold in Europe (France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany, in addition to deliveries to any EU country) makes it a flagship name for resellers. Especially as this marketplace offers many advantages to retailers thanks to Amazon Business and various Fulfillment options (taking care of logistics and transport on the resellers’ behalf).
  • Cdiscount. The French marketplace counts 8.6 million consumers and 19 million unique monthly visitors. Its 10,000 retailers offer goods fitting into 40 different categories. This means they can position themselves on a vast market and reach a large number of potential customers.
  • OTTO. As the 2nd largest online sales platform in Germany (just behind, specialising in the automotive market), it holds first place in the fashion and lifestyle categories. It counts 9 million active consumers. 
  • Priceminister-Rakuten. Ranking 2nd in France behind Amazon, this platform reports over 30,000 transactions a day, by close to 9 million active monthly visitors. 5,000 retailers sell 130 million products on it. It operates in 20 countries, making it a go-to marketplace for retailers aiming for international business.
  • Allegro. This is the no.1 marketplace in Poland, ranking 5th in Europe, with 13 million users. The only problem is that everything is in Polish! To start out, you will first need to localise your product sheets and customer service.
  • Zalando. This German marketplace boasts 20 million active consumers, that can browse through the 250,000 products offered by 2,000 retailers. In 2017, the platform opened Fulfillment centres in Sweden and Belgium to help its retailers penetrate other markets without having to manage the logistical aspect.

Which marketplace(s) will you be starting with?

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