AliExpress holds all the records: this e-commerce platform is visited by 200 million users every month, it is active in 220 countries or regions, and listings are available in 18 languages. Lots of sellers are tempted to launch their products on this kind of high-potential marketplace. Yet can this Chinese e-commerce mogul truly be trusted?

AliExpress is a marketplace that fulfils Alibaba’s B2C e-commerce bracket. The latter does not boast a particularly glowing reputation. Since opening to the international market in 2019, AliExpress has made huge efforts to erase this negative image, reassure customers and draw in more sellers.

Now, there is every reason to trust the platform when looking to sell your products – and here is why:

  • The marketplace offers sound guarantees to buyers, in terms of compliance, delivery deadlines and warranty options available for all kinds of products.
  • The European platform has adapted to all required EU standards in terms of ergonomics, translation, security and customer service (in the same way as its mobile application). It has therefore hoisted itself up to the same level as websites like Amazon.
  • Sellers can offer their own warranties to better reassure customers. Once registered as a seller, you can use your location in France as a means of convincing consumers of your reliability.
  • The platform has reduced its delivery deadline in France to three days for the most popular categories, by mobilising its logistical network and strengthening its partnerships with the French postal service and pick-up points.

In a nutshell, AliExpress is clearly a trustworthy platform for selling your products on. There are other advantages for sellers: commission is between 5 and 8% (one of the lowest on the market) and international sales are possible.

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