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The latest trend for brands: bring your products direct to customers via live video

Live commerce, i.e. the combination of live streaming and e-commerce, is an innovative way to showcase your products to an online audience of potential customers via influencers or even your sales team.

Broadcasts are displayed directly on your online store or integrated on a distributor’s website, marketplace, or your social networks. Live commerce is all about experience and direct interactions between brand and consumer. Improve your customers’ shopping experience by providing authentic moments and create a lasting relationship with your future buyers.

Through this modern-day teleshopping, customers learn more about your products first-hand and can purchase in a few clicks via an integrated link. It’s tried and tested… the ‘shoppertainment’ mix works!

Humanize the digital shopping experience

Bring your customers together to discover your products during an interactive live event.

Preserve your brand’s image through sophisticated staging

Design a unique shopping experience and create a buzz around your brand.

Adapt Live Commerce channel to your business’ needs

This new channel to showcase products is used by all industries, from large retail chains to online fashion retailers to well-known international brands. Live shopping adapts easily to any context.

Promote your products in a unique way

Help your customers better understand your products. Use live videos to show consumers what your products can do, how to wear them, what they are good for, or whatever else you want to showcase!

Make your online presence complement your physical store

Blur the boundaries between online and offline! Through Lengow, present your products online and maintain a privileged and personalized relationship with your customers, just like the one they can find in-store (trying on clothes, etc.).


Create a customized feed for each channel

Lengow’s My Custom Channel tool allows you to create personalized feed structures without having to rely on your technical department.


Count on qualitative product data

Easily create a perfectly structured and customized product feed via matching fields and categories.


Manage your publications

Our “Segments” feature allows you to publish your most relevant products to each channel according to your criteria (performance, seasonality, etc.).


Optimize your product sheets

Tweak your titles, descriptions, images, prices, reviews to create detailed and powerful product pages.

Easy integration with Lengow


“As a recognized cosmetic distributor, Nocibé distinguishes itself by training in-store staff to expertly assist their customers. Driven by its growing digital business, Nocibé must ensure that the online experience and level of service is as close as possible to the in-store customer experience. Thanks to the Spockee One-to-One tool, Nocibé’s beauty consultants can now bring their expertise to customers online as if they were in-store.”

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