Do you find your product catalogue under-exploited during SEA campaigns? The solution is SearchAds 360: this service, associated with Google Marketing Platform, can generate dynamic ads based on the data in your product catalogue, can circulate them via several search engines, and can thus help you unveil its full potential. This is known as “inventory campaigns”.


Inventory campaigns are easy to understand: the tool bases itself on the data stemming from your product flows to generate dynamic ads that evolve according to catalogue updates. In a nutshell, as soon as you make a change to your inventory data, the campaigns generated by SearchAds 360 will also be updated.


This functionality offers four main advantages:

  • constant updates. The dynamic ads generated as part of your SearchAds 360 campaigns are constantly linked to the features associated to your flows’ products (namely prices, descriptions and availability). This can be particularly useful if these features change frequently.
  • use of long-tail keywords. Using dynamic ads means you can promote products using long-tail keywords (more than 4 terms), which leads to a higher conversion rate.
  • possibility of adding or deleting keywords. As these dynamic ad campaigns are generated based on keywords drawn from your inventory, you can create and delete said words as your catalogue evolves (if you add new products, if certain products are no longer available, etc.).
  • creating targeted ad groups. In SearchAds 360, you can create ad groups for each product/service, brand or category – with a view to multiplying your chance of reaching the right prospects thanks to high-precision targeting.


Nonetheless, to reveal your product catalogue’s full potential thanks to SearchAds 360, you must start by sending product flows that meet the requirements set out by the platform. To do so, you can count on Lengow!

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