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A day using Lengow

Creation Fiche produit

I create product sheets

I create product sheets

I quickly format my product feed to adapt it to the requirements of each marketplace. Afterwards, I optimize the content in my catalog. This descriptive data will form the product sheets seen by buyers browsing the marketplaces.


I activate my listings

I activate my listings

I choose from among our hundreds of partnered marketplaces. INSIGHTS informs my decision making. The tool uses an intelligent algorithm to recommend the most suitable marketplaces for my products and the associated revenue potential.


I manage my orders

I manage my orders

A centralized overview allows me to manage all my orders in a standardized and automated way. I accept or refuse new orders, select the delivery service, send refunds, etc. And my stocks are immediately updated across the different platforms.

Your partner in e-commerce success

Diversify your growth levers

Create new business opportunities, expand your reach online, and obtain new customers via the most successful marketplaces on the market.

Centralized management of your orders

All your commands are in the Lengow interface. Thanks to the Lengow APIs you can also retrieve them within your tools (CMS, logistics, CRM, ERP, etc.). Automatically keep your stock up to date between the marketplaces and your own site.

Achieve your international ambitions

Marketplaces are a good way to test international customers’ appetite for your items, without having to invest too much in adapting your online store.

Automatically publish your product catalog

You can be sure that your catalog will be published correctly (adaptation to the expected fields, simple and quick categorization, error management) to stand out in the best possible way in the search results of each of these platforms.

Reassure and retain your customers

The marketplace, thanks to its image, can give more credit to merchants and reassure customers about the security of the purchase. Then be irreproachable in the delivery to build customer loyalty.

Gain efficiency in your business

Free yourself from technical obstacles: rely on a platform that will save you time and allow you to launch yourself on new channels.