Display & Video 360 (formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager) is a unique tool designed to plan and manage the entire broadcasting process for programming campaigns, whilst encouraging a collaborative approach. Its integration into the Google Marketing Platform suite means it can now communicate with SearchAds 360, enabling advertisers to generate dynamic ads.


Thanks to Display & Video 360, you can generate dynamic ads that will be displayed throughout the entire Google Ad Manager network. Your ads will appear on the network’s various sites. This tool will help you boost ad visibility and accurately target your audience, to optimise campaign relevance, namely thanks to the statistics gathered. This has proven to be extremely effective for remarketing campaigns.


Creating dynamic ads with Display & Video 360 using a suitable product feed

However, before designing any dynamic ads, you must associate the Display & Video 360 (DV360) tool with a Google Merchant Center account, to which you need to have already sent your product feed. This way, all the information contained in your feed will be directly accessible in DV360, and will be used by the tool to automatically generate the dynamic ads for each product. 


With this goal in mind, we recommend using a product feed manager such as Lengow, to ensure consistency between your catalogue and the requirements set out by Display & Video 360. Feed management solutions already include these requirements: all you need to do is select the desired platform, and match your catalogue’s categories with those in the DV360 tool. To obtain the best possible data feed, you must then create rules, and optimise your dynamic ads.


Note that Display & Video 360 cannot be used to change the data in your product feed. To do this, you need to use Merchant Center, or simply your product feed manager.

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