There are many distribution channels, and they are constantly diversifying! Thanks to product content syndication, sales and marketing teams are more efficient when it comes to managing product information throughout all these platforms and channels.


Product information: omni-channel challenges

Though omni-channel sales offer vendors many advantages by multiplying selling opportunities for the company’s products, they nonetheless present certain challenges :


  • Managing product sheets on multiple channels is a complex task, especially if the catalogue is large. This is even more potent when information is scattered across several databases, in different and/or incompatible formats.


  • Updating product information or sheets is a tedious process, requiring lots of time and energy. Adding a new distribution channel forces you to reiterate the same processes every time.


Yet brands should always strive to maintain good information quality throughout all their channels, to avoid weakening customer experience. What the customer sees online must correspond to what they receive upon delivery, to avoid costly returns and preserve loyalty.


Benefits of product content syndication

By improving catalogue and product sheet management, and by ensuring that customers all receive the same level of information, product content syndication enables companies to fully enjoy the benefits of multi-channel sales.


  • Content syndication gives rise to a unique repository of product sheets, which will encompass all data – regardless of its origin. This unique data source will then feed all other channels. As such, you are guaranteed to possess and circulate complete and harmonised information.


  • Having centralised and high-quality product information enhances collaboration and productivity amongst working teams, yet also improves any exchanges with suppliers and third-party data sources. Boasting such accurate and unvarying information translates into bolstered customer experience.

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